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        • Ahold Czech Republic, a.s.
        • Sanoma Magazines Praha, s.r.o.
        • Makro Cash & Carry ČR, s.r.o.
        • Tesco Stores ČR a.s.
        • Mediacop, s.r.o.
        • Hachette Filipacchi 2000, spol. s.r.o.
        • OBI GmbH & Co.KG
        • WebMart UK
        • Deutsche Post AG
        • Spar Česká obchodní společnost, s.r.o.
        • Čedok a.s.
        • Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH & Co.KG
        • Contigo
        • HH Associates Denmark, UK, NL, SE
        • NovaVision, DK


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Thanks to longstanding collaboration between Čedok and Svoboda Press dating back to 1980s, Svoboda Press knows perfectly Čedok’s needs and knows exactly how to prepare each and every publication in keeping with our specifications. Outstanding press quality supported by the state-of-the-art equipment used for our orders is a matter of fact. In particular, among other things, we appreciate high flexibility during sudden changes in scope, extent, number of copies, and deadlines for submitted orders caused by us. In short, betting on quality, tradition, and reliability of Svoboda Press was a real pay off over the years for us.

Ing. Miroslav Res 
Managing Director, Čedok a.s.

Outstanding collaboration of our companies in retail sector is a great assurance in our collaboration for the foreseeable future. High printing quality together with the broad stock of printing machinery without competition in the printing industry in the Czech Republic, makes Svoboda Press company our number one business partner. Your innovative approach and flexibility positively affect the competitiveness of our catalogues and leaflets on the market. Our company appreciates your workmanship and reliability and is looking forward for further collaboration.

Roman Souček
Ahold Czech Republic, a.s.

Our collaboration with Svoboda Press printing company is always a pleasant and easygoing affair resulting in reciprocal satisfaction. The company always readily agrees to meet our needs and requirements. It reacts with utmost flexibility to unexpected changes in our requests for changes in printing volume. We can always rely on the printing quality and delivery deadlines of Svoboda.

Jana Bláhová
Penny Market, s.r.o.

Collaboration with the Svoboda Press s.r.o. printing house confirms the saying that "tradition and quality" are not just empty words. We value above all company’s professional attitude toward our orders, top quality, flexibility, and last but not least reliance and trust. We were always highly impressed and satisfied with Svoboda Press services as well as with its superb communication and promptness in problem solving.

Ing. Petr Jindra
Spar Česká obchodní společnost, s.r.o.