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Finishing the process – essential dot for each job order

Saddle Stitching

For this type of binding in Svoboda Press s.r.o., we keep at our disposal three Müller Martini lines that can perform collating up to ten sections, stitching up to four staples, or pasting up Supplements.

Müller Martini 300
Müller Martini Prima
Müller Martini Tempo 22

Perfect binding

This way we manage binding publications to the spine width from 2 to 80 mm. Separate supplements can be inserted to individual printed copies up to 120 g weight and up to 10 mm thickness, e.g. compact disc (CDs). Simultaneously CDs/ DVDs placed in paper pockets can be bound into the product as an integral section.

Müller Martini Trendbinder

For onserting and inserting of supplements and for separate foil wrapping we use Sitma 80/750 line.

Printed copy formats : min. 150×100×1 mm, max. 330×420×40 mm
Supplement formats : min. 150×100 mm, max. 400×300 mm

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